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Excursion en pirogue Sine Saloum

Pirogue tours in Sine Saloum

Salam Aleikoum or rather, Salam Saloum!

Friends of many years and experienced in our respective fields, we have decided to merge our skills to offer unique excursions through the Sine Saloum delta.

Guides, djembe tappers, singers, dancers, cooker, captain, photographer, so much know-how brought together in the same crew.

Climb aboard our pirogue and set out on a beautiful journey.

Delta du Saloum

A HAPPY trip

From our village Ndangane, our joy of living will accompany you on different islands in the Sine Saloum.

You can try the experience over a day with a simple excursion, or make a multi-day bivouac tour where we will sing, dance and tell stories around a campfire.

Parc Naturel du Delta du Saloum


The Saloum Delta National Park offers a rich and varied fauna and flora. You will be able to observe many species of birds such as the imposing Goliath herons, take a hike in the middle of the mangrove, follow the trail of jackals, walk behind lions in the Fathala reserve, or even for luckier, swimming with dolphins.

Pirogue au Sénégal



On foot, by pirogue or even by cart, you will discover the traditional villages of Sine Saloum.

You will observe the fishermen, the oyster gatherers in the middle of the mangrove, you will exchange with the pirogue's craftsmen, you will taste typical Senegalese dishes concocted by our passionate chef.

Ndangane campement bivouac



All along this tour, our artists and their faithful djembes will tirelessly animate our pirogue and our bivouacs.

They will teach this art as much as possible, you will also learn traditional songs from Sine Saloum or Senegal.


The Saloum Delta National Park or more commonly known as Sine Saloum is one of the most beautiful and atypical regions of the Senegal. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and thus protected since 2011, the Saloum delta forms a subtle blend of humans and nature. There are many species of birds that delight ornithologists (heron, pelican, cormorant, flamingo, etc.), many land animals (warthog, hyena, monkey, duiker, jackal, etc.), but the Sine Saloum is also home to a huge number of marine animals. There are the large mammals that the inhabitants are content to watch, dolphins and manatees, but above all there are all those who have made it possible to feed and develop the region: the many and diverse fish and shellfish. The picking of the latter practiced for centuries has even formed over time numerous piles of shells contributing to the stabilization of the land and the preservation of this biodiversity even if it remains fragile. Today, tourism is an important new axis of development for this natural park, but the main activity is still by far that of fishing.

With its 52 islands, its area of 180,000 hectares and its dense vegetation, fully see the Sine Saloum and its ecosystem requires a lot of time in pirogue. Our day tour will allow you to have an overview of the delta and its landscapes while having a pleasant time, you can observe its birds, its mangroves, discover the traditional village of Mar Lodj. Our excursions of several days in bivouac will allow them to go a little deeper into this estuary to, for example, contemplate the arrival of fishermen in Djifer and its impressive collection of pirogues, take a hike in the mangrove through paths still unexploited by tourism, go in search of wild warthogs, cross baobab forests, meet pirogues craftsmen, etc.


Do not hesitate to read the different pages of our tours to find the program that suits you, you can also contact us to help you put together a tailor-made tour according to what is feasible in terms of time and distance with our pirogue.

Saloum Delta National Park

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