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Excursion en pirogue et bivouac dans le sine saloum

2 days tour in bivouac


 Day 1

- Start of the tour at 10 am from the Ndangane pier, the entrance to Sine Saloum.

- Traditional songs and djembe lessons on the pirogue with our artists.
- Refreshing break on the island of Wandié

- Senegalese meal, local juices and traditional tea.
- Direction the traditional village of Djifer to contemplate the arrival of the fishermen.

- Direction the island of Dione War for a short hike and cross the baobab forest.
- Direction "No Stress Island" before sunset to not miss any of these superb colors.

- Swimming, aperitif and meal.

- Traditional songs and dances around the fire.

 Day 2

- Swimming and breakfast.

- Hike-swimming through the labyrinths of mangroves to the island of Moundé.

- Traditional meal, local juices and Senegalese tea.

- Direction the "natural swimming pool" in the middle of the mangrove.

- Swimming, dancing and laughing.

- Return to Ndangane accompanied one last time by our djembes.

The excursion program is indicative, it can be adapted according to the weather, the season or even your desires.

Price    (Per person and day)

- 8 à 12 participants : 30 000 FCFA ≈45 €

- 5 à 7 participants : 35 000 FCFA ≈53 €

- 3 à 4 participants : 45 000 FCFA ≈68 €

- 2 participants : 50 000 FCFA ≈76 €

Everything is included in our prices from N'Dangane.

This price covers the maintenance expenses of the pirogue, fuel, meals, all drinks, the guide(s) in Mar Lodj, and of course a profit that our big crew will share : Artists, guides and captain.

Our equipment for the bivouacs:

- Quality tents

- Comfortable mattress

- Common room with table

- Camping shower

- Senegalese barbecue

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