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Our team

"The child of Siné Saloum"

Your guide during this tour. With over 20 years of experience as tourist guide, he can find his way through the labyrinths of mangroves with his eyes closed. He will share with his legendary smile the stories he witnessed in his native region.


El Hadj
"The captain "

He has been driving all sorts of pirogues during 20 years, piloting ours is child's play for him. He will not hesitate to make you hold the helm and teach you how spot the sandbanks.

He is also the cook of the crew: Thiéboudienne, Yassa, Caldou... typical Senegalese dishes have no secrets for him, your taste buds will be delighted.

"The big-hearted man"

Cherif will be your second guide during this trip. Originally from Casamance, he has spent his life fighting for no Senegalese child sleeps on the streets. His voice will accompany our djembes, but just listening to him speak is already a source of inspiration.

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" The artist "

With him, words are not necessary, his huge hands speak for him. Djembé and Dum Dum tapper from his early age, he transmitted his art to the whole crew and it will do the same with you throughout this trip.


" The light "

With Lamp by our side, no need to light up after dark, his talent on the djembe is enough to illuminate our bivouacs. Your eyes will struggle to follow his hands, but your body won't be able to stop dancing.

Salam Saloum (159 sur 159)_edited.jpg

" The Senegallic "

At first he came as a tourist, but he became our friend and he never left Sénégal. Always keeping an eye behind his camera, he will make your trip immortal.


This is our main team, we also work with other friends to ensure the excursions.

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